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One of many secrets to be listed in Google Search

is adding 360 degree photo or Photo Sphere which allow visitor to view whole surrounding area at the spot from any computer or smartphone. For multi points of photo sphere combine will create Virtual Tour that allows visitor to walk thru every single spot in the store.

We, Pixio360 by Idisplay Media Co.,Ltd., has been certified as Google Trusted Photographer for 360 photo sphere and virtual, AKA Google Street View. In the service, customer will be able to select amount of 360 spots, where the 360 photo will be taken and to create them as Virtual Tour or display as separate 360 photo sphere. As below figure is quideline to give you better understand where and how many spot to take 360 photo.

spot area-01
Small Area
spot area-02
Medium Area
spot area-03
Large Area

3 Easy Steps in the Service

  • Take 360 degree photos
  • Upload photos with location
  • Let's Google update them on the maps

Google Maps – Website – Facebook Ready

Photos will be added into Google Maps then it will be available in the Google Street View as well. Thus, no matter where customer search your store, they will be linked to your photo sphere with map direction. 360 Photo Sphere will be given to you for publish in your own social media and business website.